Do you need Xbox Game Pass for Final Fantasy XIV?

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The popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is coming to Xbox Series S/X, but will you need to be an Xbox Game Pass subscriber to enjoy the game? Here's everything you need to know about whether or not you'll need the service.

After much anticipation, it was finally confirmed last year that the beloved Final Fantasy franchise wanted to know if an Xbox Game Pass subscription was required to play the game.

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Final Fantasy XIV does require a paid subscription on PlayStation and PC platforms, but that's about it. The game does not require a PlayStation Plus subscription on Sony devices, but what about the Xbox Series

Here's everything we know about whether you'll need Xbox Game Pass to play Final Fantasy XIV Online when it officially launches.

Need Final Fantasy XIV Game Pass on Xbox Series

Yes, Final Fantasy XIV will require an Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscription on Xbox Series. This is out of courtesy Official Website From Final Fantasy XIV, which explains the game's payment system after it left beta.

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The free trial, including open beta testing, will not require an Xbox Game Pass plan (Basic or Ultimate) to play. However, the Xbox Series X|S Full Edition will require an Xbox Game Pass plan (Basic or Ultimate) to play.“.

It must be made clear that this means that You need an Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscription to play Final Fantasy XIV along with a separate paid subscription for the game, not that it will be free to subscribers.

This is a surprising choice, as PlayStation Plus is not required for the PlayStation versions of the game. Those looking to visit Eorzea for the first time on Xbox Series

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Let's hope there will be exclusives in the Xbox Game Pass version of the game, similar to those of other online titles. If not, Microsoft gamers will receive worse treatment than PlayStation owners.

There's still time for Microsoft and Square Enix to change their minds about this choice. If not, this could impact Final Fantasy XIV's chances of winning over the Xbox Series

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