Diario de Cuyo – demonstrated the unusual electric intercom in a building in Spain and amazed the networks

Deep in the depths of Spanish architectural creativity, a TikTok user known as “Rekadista” shared a revealing video that left the social media community speechless. The hero of the clip is an electric intercom that defies convention by requiring the use of a key before visitors can press one of the doorbells to contact residents.

“No more annoying people anytime,” the user said with a laugh, referring to the inconvenience caused by nightly interruptions. The peculiarity of the system is that to access the call buttons, a key must be inserted into a box specially designed to protect electrical equipment.

The reason behind this uniqueness quickly appeared in the comments on the video. The user suggested that the design is intended to discourage pranksters who ring the doorbell late at night. But the most frequently asked question among viewers was: “What happens if a delivery person or family member arrives?”

With a dose of sarcasm, one commentator replied: “You go down and open the doorman so he can knock on the door.” Although this approach is innovative, it raises some doubts about the effectiveness of the system, especially in cases where residents do not have access keys.

An additional curiosity is that the key used for the intercom is the same one that opens the main door of the building. This has created confusion, with some users questioning the logic of the system where only those without direct access to the building are tasked with ringing the doorbell.

The video quickly spread on the platform, garnering 1.3 million views in just a few hours. With 27 thousand “likes” and a torrent of comments from users who were surprised by the unusual electrical intercom in Spain, the clip went viral on the social network.

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“If you have a key to open the door, why would you want it for the doorman?” “That doesn’t make sense.” “I think it should be locked at night so they don’t disturb people, and during that day it will be opened otherwise I don’t see any sense in it.” Can someone explain to me the logic of this? Because I wonder if it's not for me,” were some of the comments in the post.

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