Dario Genoa will be responsible for Innovation, Science and Technology

The Chief of Staff of the National Communications Authority (ENACOM) will now hold the position of Head of the Innovation, Science and Technology Secretariat. His arrival follows the departure of Alejandro Cosentino, who was a Nicolas Bos man.

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The Chief of Staff of the National Communications Authority (ENACOM) to date Dario Genoa will be in charge of the Innovation, Science and Technology Secretariat. Three high-ranking government sources confirmed to Ambeto that his appointment would soon become official. Hours ago, this outlet revealed that Alejandro Cosentino submitted his resignation from his position, after the dismissal of Nicholas Bossi from the Chief of Staff, which is the structure to which the General Secretariat belongs.

Genoa currently serves as Chief of Staff for ENACOM Intervention. He holds a degree in business administration, was director of Telecom Argentina and Minister of Economy and Public Revenue of the Municipality of Pilar.

He will have to implement a field that has raised many questions from the scientific community. According to data from the Ibero-American Center for Research, Science and Innovation (CIICTI), budget implementation of the science and technology function decreased by 20.9% year-on-year in the first four months of the year.

Projections indicate that the collapse could range between 25% and 30% by December. The report warns that “public investment is the main component and driver of research and development,” and thus this represents a “devastating impact on the system as a whole.”

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Ambito announced Thursday morning that Alejandro Cosentino had tendered his resignation and that Casa Rosada would accept it. Nicolas Boss resigned from his position after his appointment to Casa Rosada. He was fired as chief of staff, now in charge of Guillermo Francos. This change may not be the last in this part of the government structure.

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