Cultural and discursive approaches to food in the United States

The National Autonomous University of Mexico, through the Center for North American Research, is convening the course
Cultural and discursive approaches to food in the United States
From 5 to 22 August 2021 (Monday and Thursday at 5:00 pm)

Teacher: Dr. Julieta Flores Jurado, CISAN-UNAM
method: In person and remotely
Duration: 20 hours (6 synchronous sessions and virtual classroom)
Dates: Monday and Thursday from August 5 to 22, 2024 at 5 p.m


The main purpose of this course is to provide an introductory overview of some representative themes of how food studies connects to American studies. It will attempt to show how, through critical analysis of food, representations and discourses about food and cooking, and values ​​(both mainstream and oppositional), the concerns and conflicts of American society are revealed in the simplest everyday things. . Attendees will also learn about the conceptual and ideological frameworks that have contributed to the exclusion of food as a legitimate subject of study in the social sciences and humanities (such as mind-body dualism and food restriction in the natural sciences). They will know the arguments that allow them to question these assumptions. Those approaches that show how food speaks to power relations will be distinctive, and how they show actors committed to changing or resisting dominant schemas. At the end of the course, attendees will have acquired the tools and concepts necessary to critically engage with diverse food phenomena, using tools that will allow them to connect food to hierarchies implicit in different discourses and institutions, to notions of ideal citizenship, and to construct subjects. With markers of gender, race and class, and the role of the media in constructing particular images of cuisine and chefs.

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Who is it directed to?

The course is aimed at students in advanced undergraduate and graduate classes, as well as faculty and people interested in researching and disseminating topics related to food and cooking from a sociocultural perspective. Sessions will be in Spanish, but reading and understanding academic texts in English is required. Attendance at least five of the six sessions is mandatory.

it costs$1,500°° | 50% discount for UNAM and REDAN communities

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