Cubans in the United States Ask Biden Administration “First Rights, Then Business”

4 | 20/03/2021 – 10:27 AM (GMT-4)

Hundreds of Cubans gathered near the White House in Washington on Saturday morning Ask the Biden administration to prioritize Cuban rights, Before dealing with the island government.

Somos + leader, Eliseer Avila, asked on behalf of all Cubans present at the demonstration,Canceling visas for all communist leaders and their familiesThe cancellation of their foreign currency accounts and the maintenance of the policy of pressure against the dictatorship Do not give in to work with dictatorship“.

Among the participants were famous personalities such as presenter Jose Carluccio, grandmaster of chess Lazaro Prozón, economist Manuel Milanes, and comedian Andy Vasquez.

“I came here today to ask that there be no more violations, that there are no more exiles or more separated families.”Said the translator of popular character Facundo Correct.

At the demonstration, Cubans held up posters with texts such as “No more dictatorship”, “62 years of misery and pain”, “They took a lot from us to remove our fear,” “Home and life”, “Freedom for Cuba”.

In addition to asking the Biden administration not to dilute its policy toward the Cuban government and to prioritize the rights of Cubans – among others, to express themselves and elect their leaders – the release of political prisoners has also been requested, a topic that gained special significance after the film’s premiere. PlantedBy Cuban filmmaker Lilo Villaplana.

“We want a bipartisan partnership, freedom and democracy,” said one of the demonstrators. Sibercopa.

“I am here because I want all of my people to know what freedom is, what a decent life is, and not to continue persecution. We do not ask for anything from the other world, but freedom and rights for all Cubans,” he said. else.

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From Havana, activists Eliana Hernandez, Michael Osorbeau, Jose Daniel Ferrer and Guillermo “Coco” Varinas shared their testimonies.

During the recent demonstration, the case of the young journalist Carla Perez, granted by the island’s government Preventing him from entering the country because of his political ideas.

Elisir revealed, that a demonstration was recorded on Saturday in Washington and various interventions to produce a short documentary film, with the aim of reaching Biden and his government.

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