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On Monday afternoon, a man arrived in Perth in Australia, on a flight from Brisbane. When he did not comply with the sanitary requirements, the border police forced him to return, but while leaving a new flight, he had to remain isolated in a hotel. However, the subject decided to implement what he had seen a thousand times in films and fled the scene.

As detailed by the police Australia Occidental posted on his Facebook account, the man arrived around 4.15pm on Monday. He had not completed the mandatory entry permit to enter the country prior to arrival, so the manual pass was completed. However, Registration was denied because it did not fall into any of the categories of exemption from restrictions applicable in Queensland and an order was issued to leave the venue within 48 hours.

Although he didn’t have to turn around right away, he couldn’t roam around the city freely either, but instead He was directed to a temporary quarantine overnight at the Rivervale Hotel. The problem was that they discovered in the early morning hours that the person in question had made a ridiculous maneuver to try to get around the restrictions.

covidita Escape from quarantine

It was a minute ago on Tuesday morning that They discovered that he came out of the window of the room, which was on the fourth floor, using a rope from tying the sheets and fled the area.

The police immediately began searching the area. “Securitymen located the man at 8:55 a.m. On Beaufort Street near Second Avenue at Mt. The individual returned a negative test result for COVID-19”The officers confirmed.

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The 39-year-old was on the other side of town and was found about eight hours after he escaped. “Under the provisions of the Emergency Management Act, he was charged with: failure to comply with an address and providing false/misleading information. He must appear before the Magistrate’s Court in PerthThey added in the statement.

Australia in recent weeks has recorded a decrease in cases and deaths from the Coronavirus (32,120 cases in total, 1,360 active cases and 915 deaths) as it closed national and internal borders and imposed mandatory quarantines in hotels for anyone coming from abroad or during outbreaks, from the state of other.

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