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second season of “Z . controlThe tragic events will continue towards the end of the first installment, when Luis dies and Javier (Michael Ronda) is shot after revealing that the hacker was always Raul (Jankel Stefan). The new story arrived on Netflix on Wednesday, August 4th, and included a new mystery to be solved. But not all characters are returned.

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the netflix series Written by Carlos Quintanilla, starring Ana Valeria Bisrel, Michael Ronda, Yankel Stefan, Macarena Garcia, Patricio Gallardo, Andres Beda, Fiona Palomo and ; Specifically, the latter was surprised by the announcement some time ago that it would not be part of production.

That was months after the end of the first season of “Control Z” Zión Moreno has announced that he will no longer be part of the Netflix Teen Series. Specifically, in October 2020, the actress surprised all fans with the news that she will not return to play Isabella de la Fuente and, on the contrary, decides to continue her career in the United States. But what are the reasons for this decision?

Zión Moreno is not part of the second season of “Control Z” (Photo: Zión Moreno / Instagram) (Photo: Zión Moreno / Instagram)

Why wasn’t Zayn Moreno on Season 2 of ‘CONTROL Z’?

the He announced his decision to ditch his character from the streaming giant’s streak of success via Instagram, although the post was deleted for some time. In this photo, Zion Moreno announced it “After much thought, I’ve made a personal decision to stay close to home during these turbulent times, and therefore, even though it hurts a lot, I won’t be returning for season two.”.

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In the lines below, the actress addressed her fellow stars wishing them good luck and reiterated her support for the project, which has become one of the most-watched services on Netflix.

The reason for his absence is Embarked on a new international adventure: el reboot de “Gossip Girl”. HBO Max has become the new home for the actress who has indicated in many interviews for this “I watched the show religiously when I was a teenager”, so she has a special affection for her role as Luna La.

To date, the 27-year-old performer from El Paso, Texas; He has not revealed anything else about his future projects, but it is clear that he will not be returning to Control Z in the near future, as Completely immersed in “Gossip Girl”, the series that launched Leighton Meester and Blake Lively to fame in 2007.

Zión Moreno with film cast
Zión Moreno with the cast of “Gossip Girl” (Photo: Zión Moreno / Instagram)

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