Contrary to Miley, the world's richest businessmen asked to pay more taxes “Proud to pay,” they said at the Davos forum.

While in Argentina Pres Javier Miley He believes that the state is solely responsible for all evils, and asserts that he would rather cut off his arm than impose taxes. 250 billionaires And millionaires from all over the world were made in World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum), in Davos, A Special request: Pay more taxes.

Our request is simple: we ask that you tax us, The richest in societyThis was stated in an open letter to world leaders who attended the economic forum. Thus, instead of attacking the country, the world’s wealthy stressed that “this will not fundamentally change” their standard of living “or deprive their children, and will not harm the economic growth of their countries.”

But, yes, from their position as magnates, they realized that collecting taxes “It will transform extreme and unproductive private wealth into an investment in our shared democratic futureAmong the signatories are public figures such as the Disney heiress, Abigail Disney; British actor Brian Cox; Actor and screenwriter Simon Pegg; And Valerie Rockefellerheir to the American dynasty, among many others.

In the letter entitled Proud to pay, This group of 250 wealthy people confirms that this demand, in addition, is matched by the awareness that “The people who benefited most from the status quo“But inequality has reached a tipping point, and… Its cost to our economic, social and environmental stability is seriousAnd it increases every day. In short, we need to act now.”

The situation of these families is not a simple fact, because according to the United Nations 10% richer Of the world's population currently takes 52% of the world's incomeWhile the poorer half gets 6.5% of them.

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Meanwhile, according to the data Oxfam IntermonThe world's richest 1% captured nearly two-thirds of the new wealth generated globally between December 2019 and December 2021, Almost twice as much as the remaining 99% of humanity.

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