Clouthier was questioned about electrical repair

Economy Minister Tatiana Clotheer appeared before House committees, amid questions about a nearly 50 percent credit cut for the following year, electricity reform and T-MEC.

In front of the United Committees on Economy, Trade, Competitiveness, Social Economy and Cooperative Promotion, the official was questioned by PAN member Carlos Madrazo, who noted that “we did not see her here at least defending the budget that she had.. why did she not defend your budget to allow you to fulfill your responsibilities that Provided by law?

In response, the official said that, as a Democrat, she respects the division of powers and, accordingly, the Union Expenditure Budget is being discussed and approved by the House of Representatives.

“I strongly believe in the division of powers, I believe in the power of each one of them and that you are able to make decisions and be able to vote according to what suits you, it is not my turn to come even here. Nor anywhere….”

Subsequently, the legislator of the Citizens’ Movement, Manuel Herrera, expressed concern about a possible violation of international treaties, with the approval of the electricity reform.

“There are multiple voices from different sectors that have stated that such reform will cost huge amounts of resources to pay compensation resulting from the violation of agreements,” he said.

The official indicated that she was in the legislature, so it is her responsibility to respect the discussion of this issue.

“I believe in the respect we should have for the legislature and the ball in your court. I don’t like to play with the future in terms of predicting what’s going to happen, you have the last word,” the official said.

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Concerns also arose from the fourth quarter, but they backed the Clouthier administration at the helm of the Economy Department, highlighting the recovery of jobs lost in the pandemic.

Jose Aguilar, of the Labor Party (PT), has expressed concern about the US government’s divergent interpretation of rules of origin in the auto sector.

In this regard, the Secretary of State responded that the US government had a misinterpretation of “Mexico and Canada”, and part of the saddest thing we could hear was that they had no political space.

On the other hand, the official presented to the deputies a proposal to expedite the payment of micro, small and medium enterprises, which were among the sectors most affected by the epidemic.

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