Clinics and sanatoriums no longer work with IASEP: social work signs agreements with Interdistrital Evita and other hospitals

Thursday evening there will be a new meeting of medical groups, including ACLISA, Femefor and APS, to discuss cutting private health services for sanatoriums and clinics starting this weekend.

The reason for the decision that could be made tonight is due to the absolute refusal to negotiate by the IASEP comptroller and the county government, which has already paved the way for the suspension of care in private health providers.

On the other hand, since the intervention of IASEP, they have signed agreements in the last hours, with the Hospital Interdistrital Evita, with District No. 8 of the 5th arrondissement and the expansion of those already implemented to provide autopsy services of a highly complex hospital and Hospital de La Madre y El Niño.

The Minister of Human Development, Dr. Aníbal Gómez, explained that the framework of the agreement deals with the care of members of the social work of public servants at the Inter-District Evita Hospital, with a view to all medical fields. “The premise given to us by Governor Gildo Insfrán is that we work so that every member of Formosa has the best quality of care.”

As stated from now on, all social work members will have access to equipment with the latest acquired technology and receive medical care with specialized specialists such as general surgery, urology, neurology service and all that is necessary in the medical clinic and specific areas that IASEP members will be able to rely on from now on

This means that the government intends not to negotiate but to deepen the crisis for IASEP affiliates, forcing them to be treated in the public health system, putting another new judicial bid on the doorstep that these public hospitals cannot charge. Medicare, not to mention doing so exclusively for members of Social Work in Formosa State.

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The instability and emptying of IASEP has already been denounced as looting of coffers that each month receive nearly 1,000 million pesos for member discounts and service payments, yet the lack of funding by the government has come to an end. The extreme point and today those who have to pay the embezzlement of money ruled in court are the patients who rely on benefits.

The work of associates who pay an average of 5,000 pesos per month for social work and who, on the other hand, buy the medical system to be treated, conflicts with the budget of public hospitals from public resources. If this situation of giving up the associates, confining them to hospital treatment, but also charging them for the medical system and benefits occurs, the state will use the public resources but charge them as if they were private.

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