Cities in the United States straight out of a Christmas movie

Surely you have seen the typical movie in which a person working in a big city like New York or Chicago, by fate, ends up in a magical city where he finds himself and falls in love, does this sound familiar to you? These “Hallmark movies” appear to have been filmed in fictional cities staged in studios and decorated like dream locations. The fact is that it not only exists, but can be visited. Visit the USA It recommends different cities in the United States that capture the essence of Christmas in their own way and where you can be the protagonist of your own Christmas movie.

Woodstock, the perfect place for a “White Christmas”

Surrounded by snowy forests and century-old farms. Woodstock, in Vermont, is a hidden treasure that served as the inspiration for “White Christmas” (1954). Its charming hotels and picturesque town square decorated with hundreds of twinkling lights provide an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere. Furthermore, in winter, a layer of snow usually covers the landscape at Woodstock, attracting adrenaline seekers and those looking for moments of relaxation. For adventurers, the environment becomes a playground: cross-country skiing along winding trails or snowshoeing excursions. But if you're looking for a more meditative plan, you can also opt for a quiet winter hike, or a spa day to watch the snow fall, with frosted trees and the unique silence of the snowy landscape.

Frankenmuth, Tyrolean Christmas is possible in the United States

Known as “Little Bavaria”, Frankenmuth (Michigan) transports its visitors to a Christmas fairy tale. Immortalized in the movie “Christmas Wonderland” (2018), this idyllic destination features all kinds of quaint shops, festive decor and a special welcoming spirit that make the city a relaxing escape from the big cities. Starting in November, the Christmas lights turn on every day at dusk and the magic of Frankenmuth shines brightly, just like on a movie set. On the north and south ends of Main Street you'll find more than 150 trees wrapped in a warm glow of white lights. Around every corner, you'll see light displays featuring your favorite Christmas characters, decorated buildings, and a magnificent 40-foot Christmas tree rising downtown.

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Solvang, a white Christmas is also possible in California

This charming Danish town in the heart of California comes alive during the holidays. It inspired the movie “The Christmas Chronicles,” and its unique architecture and specialty shops create a festive atmosphere that transports you straight to Christmas. Moreover, there is Solvang Golffest: A Christmas festival that kicks off a month or more of lights, festive events, and holiday cheer, and runs from November 24, 2023 to January 6, 2024. Join us for plenty of family fun, seasonal music, holiday shopping, delicious culinary delights, wine and beer, and so much more. Squall!

Durango, an adventure on the Polar Express.

Impressive winter landscape Durango, Colorado, served as inspiration for the animated film “The Polar Express” (2004). Visitors can embark on their own train journey through stunning snow-capped mountains, creating magical memories worthy of the big screen. Although Durango is known for its scenery, it becomes a magical winter scene during Christmas. The city sparkles with lights and offers unique experiences, such as horse-drawn sleigh rides and community events that capture the spirit of Christmas in a special and authentic way. After a day of visiting Santa, shopping for gifts, or even skiing close to town, you can take a break to enjoy a hot meal at Colorado's best restaurant, The Ore House, or a nice steak at The Mahogany Grille.

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