Chilling accident in a US race: a vehicle veered off the track, collided with a group of fans, and injured a woman

A brutal clash in a competition in the United States

A spectacular accident during a car competition can turn into a tragedy. Amber Garner was one of the people who would closely follow sporting events when an unexpected event happened I left it on the verge of death. Everything ran while watching an event at Wilkesboro Dragway, a street racing circuit located in North Carolina (USA).

The 22-year-old watched her life pass before her eyes after her Ford Mustang lost control and confusion, It collided with an iron pole that was near where Amber was standing. The car hit her, causing several fractures to her arm. The driver was not injured.

In the midst of the panic and the uncertainty that has arisen, The American was transferred to Wake Forest Baptist Medical CenterThis Tuesday, she underwent a double surgery to reconstruct a limb.

This is how the car left the track

“It was horrible, to say the least.”Tina Waits, who was present at the time of the accident, said. “He scared us so much that we stood on the railing and prayed,” he added.

In the recordings you can see which moment Both cars drive straight until one of them loses control Directly hit by an iron pole. In the middle he passed by a group of fans, including the victim standing.

“There were two cars running and I think one of them lost control. He hit the barrier where I was standing, then came forward and hit me in the arm. Then I fainted, ”Amber told Al-Shabaka. Fox.

This is how the car was after the accident
The Mustang collided with an iron pole before falling back onto the track.
The Mustang collided with an iron pole before falling back onto the track.
The driver was not injured
The driver was not injured

When you know The extent of the injuries you have suffered and the economic costs that will be incurred, The family chose to open a page on the site GoFundMe And ask for help in covering expenses. So far, they’ve raised $ 8,700 out of the 100,000 that they put up as a roof.

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“My family needs help raising funds to help my sister. We were racing in Wilkesboro and I lost control of it and crashed into it. “He will need many surgeries and physical therapy,” Ashley wrote in the statement posted on the donation site.

Television network WXII-TV He tried to reach out to the contest officials and resulted in an email from Pat Prout, the co-owner of the track: “My prayers are with the two families and I pray to God to recover quickly.”

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