CCE provides a guide to good practice for occupational health and wellbeing

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2030 Agenda Working GroupGTA2030), and the Business Coordination Council (ECC), the Global Compact Network in Mexico and MetLife Mexico submitted a file A guide to good health and wellness practiceswhich seeks to contribute to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The agency explained in a statement that with the guide, the private sector will seek to promote Actions that contribute to the health and well-being of its employeesAnd customers, suppliers and society in general in order to obtain better conditions in all areas.

“We are aligning our operations, as well as the products and services we offer to contribute to achieving these goals through our purpose as a company,” he said. Alfredo Esparza, GTA2030 Leader for Health and Wellbeing.

CCE detailed itThe publication of the manual aims to ensure the health and well-being of employees, It focuses on three axes: preventing chronic non-communicable diseases, promoting physical health and mental health practices, as well as contributing to increasing access to health services.

With the development of these axes during 2021, the work of the working groups focused on the second axis of Enhance physical wellness practices and mental health within companies through appropriate occupational health and safety plans for all employees and key audiences.” ECC.

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