Canada: Locals demonstrate against vandalism in Union Bay

By Puerto Rico Liberation Portal


Local residents marched in Union Bay, a traditional Canadian First Nations no-man’s land within Pines Sound, British Columbia, to protest dirty and dangerous vandalism in the area. Deep water recovery (DWR).

More than a hundred people, including an actress and activist Sarah Wayne Callies And the parliamentarian Gord Jones, They gathered in the community hall to demand, once again, that the federal, state and territorial authorities take urgent measures.

First Nations, local NGOs and international groups, along with residents, have been opposed to shipbreaking activities for more than two years. DWR, That he was caught behaving illegally several times, but has yet to be punished.

A series of on-site tests recently revealed concentrations of copper, lead, zinc and cadmium above permissible levels. However, operations continue with the former US government-owned ship, the USS Miller Freeman.

“Allowing such a dangerous operation to take place next to a residential area and in an environmentally sensitive area in the first place is unacceptable. The inability of the competent authorities to prioritize public and environmental health despite the blatant non-compliance with international and national rules and standards at the scrapping site is outrageous.” To worry more.” Nicola Molinaris, Senior Communications and Policy Adviser at NGO Shipbreaking Platform.

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