Can your brain tell if an image is still or moving? 99.9% can’t handle this optical illusion

a vision test It is used to measure your intensity Visible. This is the capacity of the system. Visible To perceive, detect or identify special objects in good lighting conditions. In optics, to calculate acuity Visible For the patient, what is done is to give him an examination in which he has to pass various visual tests. These fall into two large groups: those that take into account distance vision and those that value near vision.

Incredibly order Visible It compensates the light to give a logical explanation to the brain in certain visual situations. This is new vision test It has put more than one person in trouble due to its great complexity. Are you ready to review this photo pixel by pixel and see the hidden secret? Let’s go through the details we have for you in the following paragraphs and thus find out optical illusion.


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