Can it be saved?: Mars dust complicates tasks on this planet

NASA officially announced InSight job completed which landed on Mars more than four years ago, after losing contact with its orbiter lander A drop in power caused dust to build up on their solar panels.

The US space agency noted that the public often wonders about this that no way was found to clean the dust, To which she responded that a dedicated system “would have added cost, mass and complexity” to the probe.

However, make it clear that the Installing “solar panels big enough to power it” Electrically powering a geophysical robot was “the easiest and most cost-effective way to get things done” for longer than planned, as its “goal” was to study Mars for one solitary year (about two Earth years).

How to remove Martian dust

While designing the ExoMars mission, Williams noted that a group of engineers proposed technical solutions related to Remove Martian dust, such as brushes, windshield wipers, and gas blowers. However, the proposal will be evaluated before its launch, which is planned for 2028.

With ExoMars now born, We are looking at the possibility of restoring some of that capacityNoting that they can “use the tilt of the solar panels to get some dust out,” Williams noted. He also explained that this proposal “will help point the panels toward the sun more efficiently, which may also have some benefits.” .

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On the other hand, he stressed that Airbus and NASA professionals should take into account that Landers sent to Mars can be affected by dust reduce its useful life. “This is the way space missions go, unfortunately,” he concluded.

In May 2018, the Insight mission was launched using an Atlas V rocket, with the goal of studying the early geological development of Mars. Six months later, it landed on Mars. since then, PV panels were covered in dust, causing a gradual decrease in their energy levels. In May, InSight lost 90% of its power output to Mars dust, according to a release. RT.

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