Birla Peña, 15, is excited about the reopening of her school. He wants to study medicine – Mas Rio Negro

Perla Peña is 15 and lives in the Río Chico Abajo region, the southern line, in the Patagonia steppes of the Río Negro. In 2017, the only school (No. 331) in the area was closed, but on Wednesday the 17th, it reopened, with the semester course.

Birla entered the sixth grade. She was accompanied at this moment by her mother, Judith. His sister Ursula, who is 20 years old at middle level; His uncle Nahuel and cousins ​​Juan and Candela, who are also students of other courses at the institution.

“I am very grateful to everyone who made this possible. I know it is difficult, there are many things to think about now. When I was at home, my mother said that she could not, and she did not want to go back to school. But now that I see school makes me want to In studying again: “I am very happy, I feel so happy in this beautiful place,” said Perla, who wants to study medicine.

Meanwhile, it was officially reported that “the entire community in the region, including the Mapuche references of commitment and defense of the public school, as well as historical and new teachers, professional staff and authorities, were part of the celebration for the required face – to face back to the classes”.

“The security has been fulfilled at 40 rural schools in Río Negro County and also at School 331, as Birla entered the shaky first round, along with her classmates of all ages, from juniors in the park to students. High school.”

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The ceremony was attended by Arabella Carreras and other officials from Rio Negro.

Data and Image: Press House of Government of Río Negro

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