Between 4 or 5 countries? Nominations to host the 2030 World Cup

Well, there is a long time for that GlobalismBut not much Know the country or countries you will be organizing. The world Cup From 2030 He already has nominations at the door and everything indicates that Once again we will have a multi place.

Here we will tell you what files The nominations that you aspire to be based From World Cup 2030regarding the fact that FIFA recently announced 16 cities will host the World Cup after Qatar 2022.

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South America and its desire to organize the World Cup on its centenary

Let’s start with the news that was only given on the day Infantino revealed which cities and stadiums will host the 2026 World Cup. And finally in CONMEBOL has officially announced that they will seek to organize the World Cup on its centenary.

And yes, as expected, the idea is to organize World Cup 2030 Among the 4 countries in South America. We are talking about Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. In fact, they will appeal to history to take Campus, So let’s remember that Born in 1930, the World Cup was based in Uruguay.

Today we made the political and sporting decision to relaunch the possibility of holding it in South America, and in these four countries, The World Cup 2030were the words of Hugo Velasquez, Vice President of Paraguay, according to ESPN.

and that is Only on June 16Sports Ministers and representatives of the four embassies met in Asuncion. After the talks they issued the announcement, and indeed The Latin American Development Bank was to provide its support to finance the infrastructure needed for this event.

“We will turn to the history of world football, The first World Cup was in South America“.

Nominations to host the 2030 World Cup
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Preferred candidate to host the 2030 World Cup

But the competition will not be easy for South America. else subscription request Stand out as the most serious facing 2030. As we know, when it comes to events of this magnitude, Europe generally leads the way The candidacy between Spain and Portugal is strong.

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UEFA has already officially introduced nomination Between the two, look at An advantage they have in terms of infrastructure, This seems to be the most solid option for hosting the World Cup.

It was not the only option in Europe

It is worth noting that England also intends to seek the seat (Here we tell you what it was like), but they eventually decided to drop out of this race.

Nominations will be in total between 5 countriesThe four that make up the United KingdomEngland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) , as well Republic of Ireland.

What is the reason for their withdrawal from the candidacy? Well, according to los angeles times, The British government found it difficult to take World Cup 2030 we will FIFA “appears to have non-sporting interests” when it appoints the organizers, So better They will be dedicated to winning a place at Euro 2028 or 2032.

Morocco will try again

the last nomination What remains is that Morocco, a country that has already lost on previous occasions and is not destined to be such a good country. The African country will look for FIFA to take Globalism After it was organized by South Africa in 2010.

A few years ago there was talk of There can also be a joint nomination with Algeria and Tunisia, but was eliminated. It was also discussed Morocco can join Spain and Portugal Due to its geographical proximity, but that did not flourish either.

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Nominations to host the 2030 World Cup
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When will the 2030 World Cup venue be announced?

At the moment there is no exact date, but Infantino announced it The process will officially start in 2022s Elections will be held in 2024.

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