Bears Pre-Senior Bowl 7-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

The Chicago Bears enter the 2021 season in a critical situation. They finished the season on a hot streak and made the qualifiers, but they also feel like a team that needs serious rebuilding and is currently lacking in the third and fourth rounds. NFL Project Selections. In a 7-round Bears 2021 Mock Mock, Chicago finally finds a future midfielder to build around, adding an Elite Piece to high school.

Bears Pre-Senior Bowl 7-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

  • Round one, choose 11: Zach Wilson, QB, BYU *
  • Second round, choose 52: Hissat Nasiruddin, South, Federal Federation
  • Fifth round, choose 147: Thayer Monford, Ohio
  • Round 6, choose 178: Tyler Fons, WR, USC
  • Round 7 choose 194: Kylen Granson, TE, SMU

* Trading

  • Bears receive the 11th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft from the New York Giants
  • The Giants receive General Selection No. 20 and 83 in the 2021 NFL Draft and Chicago in the first and third rounds in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Bears 2021 7-Round NFL Mock Draft Analysis by selection

Zach Wilson, QB, BYU

The top priority in the 7-round Bears 2021 Mock Draft is to find a true midfielder behind. Windy City has been starving for this commodity for far too long, and Zach Wilson can fill that void.

In Quarterback, Chicago currently has Mitch Tropiski and Nick Falls, but neither is an attractive option. Trubisky showed flashes down the stretch, but that looks like it’s gone wacky. He is also set to become an unrestricted freelance agent this out of season. Meanwhile, Nick Falls was pulling back from the first round. Unfortunately, the blow of his dead hat is big enough to keep him through 2021 in all likelihood.

As a result, the bears can no longer shake off the middle problem anymore, and they will not have the money to target a Veteran Warrior.

Enter Zach Wilson, the midfielder on the series The Bears he’s been searching for since Sid Luckman’s retirement.

Zach Wilson’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Wilson has an amazing arm, and at times he shows an absurd level of accuracy. He’s also pocket-ready and knows how to play around with protection to keep the play alive. This will be a major feature of any Bears midfielder as the Chicago attack streak is rebuilt.

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This mix of arm talent and career mobility is the bewildering aspect of Zach Wilson. Makes it seem like a premium version of what Baker Mayfield was a possibility.

There are a lot of reasonable concerns about Wilson. Although he has pinnacle peaks, he can also hit cold stretches as he forces passing players to make big adjustments to the ball. Its mechanics are not fully polished either, and its base can be quite wide.

However, those hits are not enough to make the bears guess that choice. He fits everything else they want in a midfielder. Landing him an 11th pick is a steal.

Trading up to the Zach Wilson project

In order to forge Wilson into a 7-round Bears 2021 NFL Mock, Chicago needed to trade.

Some might argue against trading, as bears are still recovering from trading away from the many selections of Mac’s Khalil Las Vegas Raiders, but that’s different.

This is a trade to land the franchise genre that QB Chicago has not had in half a century. Not a relegation trade one of the best defensive players in the NFL.

When Wilson begins to fall into the draft board, the bears attempt to trade with eagles and leopards before finally agreeing to a deal with the giants. In exchange for the eleventh selection overall, the Beers team submitted their selections from the first and third round of draft this year and next year.

This is somewhat expensive to move nine slots, but it allows Chicago to keep its picks for the second round for each of the next two seasons. It also allows them to start a new build around the talented young midfielder.

Hamsa Nasreddin, S, Florida

High School Bears has a lot of pieces that can be built around going forward. They have free elite safety at Eddie Jackson, and two corner corners in Kyle Fuller and rookie Jaylon Johnson. However, the safety spot next to Jackson is still a pit.

Both of the two strongest safety baskets, Tashawn Gibson and Dion Bosch, are in replacement level. They are also close to expiring contracts, and Chicago is unlikely to return them.

Hamsah Nasirildeen’s selection in this Bears 2021 NFL Mock Draft will be an upgrade there and give Chicago a promising high school future.

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Featured | Bailey’s First Round of 2021 NFL

You cannot emphasize enough how distinguished Nasir al-Din was from a mathematical point of view. It’s shivering and has great long speed to carry receivers or narrow field ends. Naseeruddin also has a well-built, tall yet sturdy frame.

In addition to sports, Nasir al-Din also showed great diversity in the seminole defense. He played well at the top, in the hole, and in the penalty area, although he is at his best about football. His ability as a striker who flies across the field to blow his back is particularly impressive.

The red flags with Nasir El Din are somewhat slight, which makes it surprising to see him in the second round. He tore his anterior cruciate ligament in 2019, but he’s been healthy this season. He also relies heavily on his sport to deliver plays in coverage, as well as when rushing to pass. Therefore, he will have to improve the technical aspects of those roles in the next level.

Thayer Monford, Ohio

Chicago’s next pick won’t be until the fifth round due to their trade with New York. However, they still managed to get the opportunity to have an exciting developmental treatment.

Thayer Monford outside of Ohio looks like he’s tackling the NFL at 6 feet 6 and 325 pounds. He also has desirable arm length and strong motor skills, which, when paired with his mammoth-like size, will make him a headache to oppose sharp outbursts.

The problem with Monford is that there aren’t many promising features outside of this impressive set of tools. Its feet are rough and struggle to plant, which is inconsequential given the above framework. He is also constantly falling behind with his hands, digging him in a hole that he does not have the skills to get out of yet.

However, Munford makes sense to the Bears as a fifth-round tackle. You’ll rarely notice a problem with this mathematical profile at this maximum in the draft, and between Bobby Massey and Charles Leno, Chicago has beginners in a niche that allows them to develop Monford.

Tyler Fons, WR, USC

Chicago will almost certainly lose Allen Robinson to the free agency, so they’ll have to try to find some way to replace him in this 7-round Bears 2021 Mock Draft game.

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Ideally, they’ll be aiming for a broad future early on in their draft, but the painting hasn’t fallen out that way this time. However, landing Tyler Vaughns in the sixth round is not a bad consolation prize.

The Vaughns don’t have the superhuman speed of the game, but he did show strength and durability. He will attack the ball in the air and do a good job of survival to bring the catch. Voggs is also a smart player who has shown the ability to work both outside and in the hatch, and he knows where to attack a defense.

The concern Chicago has to feel with Foggins is that he’s struggling to break up, and that’s disconcerting. It cannot be separated from pure sport only by speed or strength. He’s not an elite road runner either. As a result, he has to fight teeth and nails for nearly every catch. This is a strategy that will be harder to achieve in the NFL than it was in the Pac-12.

Kaylene Granson, TE, SMU

The Bears just spent their best NFL Draft 2020 pick on the narrow end of Cool Dead, but Kylen Granson is just too good to miss here.

Granson is a definitive, refined mathematical “movement” that could replace and possibly promote Jimmy Graham. It won’t offer much as a buffer, but it’s a compromise nightmare that could quickly become a red zone choice.

However, Granson plays more like a thick wide receiver than a narrow tip, which makes it somewhat one-dimensional. Also, it doesn’t have the volume feature you’d like to see from the narrow end of this style.

If Chicago chooses Granson, this could allow Kmet to be her built-in narrow end that does it all, a crime focal point, while Granson is used as a counter-punch to extend the field.

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