BBC documentary review on William and Harry

Ruthless with Harry

The Dukes of Sussex have argued that strong media pressure was the main reason for their withdrawal from the monarchy, which they announced loudly in early 2020, before moving to California, shaking the foundations of the property.

In an interview with the former actress’s lawyer who denied the allegations, the documentary also talks about Meghan’s alleged harassment of palace staff when the couple were still living in London.

In an unprecedented decision since Princess Diana separated from the monarchy in the ninetiesUnusually for an institution that does not publicly resolve disputes, the Royal House announced in March that it was investigating such complaints.

Prince Harry has made controversial statements to the press about his life within the royal family.

Enrique and Megan, who have filed various lawsuits against the media, are currently awaiting an appeal ruling against him. mail on sunday, who is accused by the Duchess of Sussex of violating her privacy by publishing a personal letter written to her father in 2018.

In “Princes and the Press,” private investigator Gavin Burroughs also claimed that the media in the 2000s “had no morals” and were “cruel”, especially toward the young prince.

Burroughs apologized for hacking his then-girlfriend’s phone and selling the information to News of the World, arguing that information about Enrique was sold more than that about his older brother, less rebellious and more benign.

As two editors explained to me, Enrique became the new DianaHe said, referring to his mother’s media withdrawal, which the prince always defended as a victim of the press.

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Upon leaving the monarchy, the grandson of Isabel II asserted that he wanted to avoid “repeating” the story of his mother’s media harassment with his wife, who admitted in a shocking interview to American broadcaster O’Brien Winfrey after he had suicidal thoughts.

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