Azteca Stadium will undergo further renovations

Azteca Stadium will undergo further renovations for the 2026 World CupAs announced by property manager Felix Aguirre.

Azteca Stadium will undergo further renovations

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Azteca Stadium will undergo further renovations

After modifications were made to its original structure to host NFL games, which reduced its capacity from 100,000 to 80,000 attendees, The giant Santa Ursula statue will continue to be remodeled with the aim of providing the best World Cup experience. which will be jointly organized by Mexico, the United States and Canada.

We redesign and renovate, and think centrally to improve and make the superior fan experience. In terms of technology, we have connectivity issues and we work a lot on the issue of getting around the stadium, so that everything is much easier, as well as commuting to get there,” Aguirre said.

The Azteca stadium manager indicated that they are very clear about the goal of the meeting in the 2026 World Cup.

By 2026, We hope to be the first stadium in three World CupsHe stressed the importance of this joint candidacy.

Felix highlighted the improvements that have been made to the well-thought-out Mexican football cathedral.

“Since 2016, it has undergone phased renovations. Initially, with distinct spaces to provide greater comfort and accessibility to the masses, with food and beverage services. We recently opened an advanced LED lighting system required by FIFA Plus it allows us to make a range of lights that we can tap into on a commercial level.”

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He added: “A stadium was built with a lot of things that were thought ahead of its time. Of course, it is necessary to update and apply technology, signs, and issues of basic services and restaurants. In short, 55 years ago, they thought of the 21st century stage, they were innovators and visionaries. “

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