Atletico Madrid fans reaction when De Paul entered the Champions League match

This happened during the Champions League duel

Atletico Madrid Draw 0-0 against him witches as a citizen of Champions League With only four matches and four points played, this complicated their ranking to the next round. Something special happened in this duel on the court Wanda Metropolitanwhen Rodrigo de Bol I stepped onto the field of play.

With equality on the scoreboard, the Colosse Simeone He called up the Argentine midfielder and sent him onto the field with half an hour left to close. At that time, many followers yeti They got up from their seats and whistled at the football player Albiceleste Many boos were heard, too.

This comes in response to the conflict that started a few weeks ago when he was a former player in Udinese He requested to take time off from practice due to a personal problem and was seen with his girlfriend, singer Tini Stossel, at a public event. According to what was revealed by the newspaper Brandthe 28-year-old soccer player Request not to immediately join Atletico Madrid training after the Argentine team’s tour by the United States. They explained in the media that this license application, It was linked to “his father’s health problem”.. However, he was seen with his girlfriend’s entourage during latin billboards Held at Watsco Center in Florida (USA).

Rodrigo de Paul accompanied Tine Stossel at the Latin Billboards (Instagram @chusmeteando1)

The head of the foundation, Enrique Cerezo, was consulted about it at the time and replied: “Well, what I will tell you is very clear, it is an issue between him and us. I think everything has already been said,” the director repeated over and over as journalists tried to understand whether It was pee He got permission from the entity to later join and attend an event with his partner singer Tina Stossel.

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since then, pee He added a few minutes of play, and there were even matches he didn’t even go into as an option. This Wednesday, mattress fans made him queasy about the soccer player who came to the squad this season and couldn’t adapt.

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