At least six dead after part of a glacier broke off in the Italian Alps

at least Six people died Eight others were injured on Sunday after the avalanche Part of the Marmolada glacier breaks offthe largest in the Dolomites, In the Italian Alps.

Although emergency services spokeswoman Michela Canova initially reported five deaths, she later raised the tally. Six confirmed victims..

The spokeswoman said that two of the eight injured were taken to Belluno Hospital, one to Treviso and five to Trento. Without providing further details about the nationality of the victims.

“a Avalanche of snow, ice and rocks I reached the access road when there were several groups of climbers, Some have been dragged. Canova explained that the number of injured is still unknown.

Several helicopters are involved in rescue and observation operations, the detachment took place a day after tRecord temperatures at the top of the glacier, 10°C.

The task of the rescuers is especially difficult, because they had to Extracting bodies from the ice and rocks in which they lie. A cell of psychologists was also activated to help the relatives of the victims.

According to Renato Colucci, a glacier specialist, citing the Italian agency AGI, the phenomenon “will be repeated” Because ‘weeks of temperatures in the alpine heights Much higher than the usual indicators.”

The place where part of the glacier broke is located near Punta Roca, On the path that is usually used to reach the top.

marble ring he is The largest glacier in the Dolomites, in the Eastern Alps. It is located in the province of Trento, it gives birth to the River Aficio and overlooks Lake Vidaia.

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