Astronomers have captured the precise moment two planets collide dramatically, creating a new planet

Astronomers from the University of Bristol were responsible for capturing this unique moment in space.

Collisions between planets do not happen occasionally or are beyond our comprehension

Astronomers are our space observers and with each passing day they teach us more About the infinity of this. We now have knowledge of planets as thin as a cloud, as heavy as iron, and even as wandering planets. Now astronomers have pinpointed the exact moment of collision between two of these space objects thanks to the huge flare.

Collisions between planets and galaxies are not rare in space. Obviously, these are phenomena that occur frequently. Or it is too far away for humans to perceive. However, a group of researchers from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom published a study in which they showed that they had found a massive collision between two giant planets.

Two planets have collided and will create a new planet

These two planets collided far from Earth, 1,800 light-years away, will provide more information about how space is modified by this type of phenomenon. This occasion is special, as it is the first time that a glow resulting from an impact of this size has been captured. This has been reported by various media outlets such as Conversation And I raised.

The researchers who conducted the study and reported on the news think so After cooling Large pieces separated from the massive impact This will create a new planet and new moons. A unique event has occurred of which we now have definite knowledge. As Dr. Zoe Lenhardt, one of the study's authors, testified:

Eventually, the mass of material around the remains may condense to form a retinue of moons that will orbit this new planet.

What the Bristol scientists were able to record is very similar to overcoming a distance This is what some amateur astronomers were able to see a few months ago. Nothing less than the moment when a large meteorite collided with the crust of Jupiter. That moment only lasted a second, but it was captured in pictures.

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This example should teach us that it is difficult to capture these situations that are fleeting in time and in which intense light is emitted and then disappears. The astronomers responsible for this discovery are delighted, no wonder. Because this will allow us to better understand the universe that surrounds us.

In 2015, news spread widely that the latest analyzes present a picture that billions of years ago the Earth suffered a similar event and thus the Moon and our planet as we know it were created. Perhaps we are facing the early stages of what a life-supporting planet will be like in millions of years.Who do you know?

Briefly We can say that:

  • Researchers have captured the moment Two planets have collided.
  • The truth has Great importance Because it helps us know the space better.
  • The Earth suffered Similar event Billions of years ago.

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