Argentina-United Arab Emirates: Cafiero led business trips with Minister Reem Al Hashimi to advance the Strategic Trade Agenda

Advisor Santiago Cavero Today, the Minister of State for International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates received, at Saint Martin Palace, Reem Al HashemiHe is accompanied by an important business delegation with the aim of deepening bilateral relations and opening new channels of exchange between the two countries.

In this context , Cafiero and Reem Al Hashemi led the opening of the “Business Meeting between Argentina and the United Arab Emirates“, which took place at the Salón Libertador, with the participation of Emirati companies, sovereign wealth funds and their Argentine counterparts, who held approximately 45 business meetings. The Chancellor was accompanied by the Secretary of International Economic Relations, Cecilia Todesca BuccooChancellery Chief of Staff, Luciana Titus.

The head of Argentine diplomacy stated: On the occasion of Dubai Expo 2020 and the celebration of the second meeting of the Mixed Committee, I met in 2022 with the Minister in the United Arab Emirates and since then we have launched a series of cooperation and exchange tools, and we have made progress on an agenda that contains a commercial chapter but also a part of education, technical cooperation and scientific cooperation and technology, and all this adds to the commercial relationship but also to the ties between the two countries..

Cafiero explained, “With our teams We design a roadmap which was introduced in April this year; And this business forum is part of it; here there Companies from both countries with common visions. Argentina has great potential, and The businessmen and women present here represent two central themes in this turbulent world: the need for food and energy. It is a global challenge for the present and the future; And the search for strategic partners is key to this meeting because we know we have a lot to do.”

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Minister Reem Al HashemiFor his part, he noted: “We have great hopes for following up on the talks we had within the framework of Expo 2020 Dubai, which opened many doors, and I give you and your team credit for our bilateral exchange. We are good for each other and we must take more steps to cement this relationship.”

We’ve been represented here before Emirati funds and companies looking for business opportunities bring good results for both peoples.” Hold, and turn The most prominent Argentine talents in science and technology. The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority participated in the business forum, on the UAE side. Mubadala Investment Company. source of clean energy; Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD); DP World; and agricultural elite. On the Argentine side: CAEM (mining); Riva. TGS. Pampa energy. YPF New Energies. YPF light. American energy. genetically. the Argentine Chamber of Renewable Energy (CADER); ABC (blueberries); CAPCI (cherry); feederseters. MegaAlfalfa Argentina SA; INVAP. MOD + Fida & Tendanur & MIC; America Corporation; Endalo Haiku Collection. WOP Dubai; PLBSA; Geo genetic chocolate. And Daniel’s ice cream. The provinces of Catamarca, Salta, Jujuy, and Tierra del Fuego also participated.

After the commercial event, Cafiero and Reem Al Hashemi had a bilateral meeting where they agreed We work together In international economic and financial forums For a more just and balanced system that takes into account the interests of developing countries. They referred to the celebration in Dubai b Twenty-Eighth Conference of the Parties (COP28 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) under the leadership of the United Arab Emirates, and the accession of Argentina to the for climatePromoted by the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

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In bilateral matters, it was agreed to explore new mechanisms that make it possible to benefit from the integration of the two economies, create new opportunities to increase trade and investment, and stimulate the exchange of knowledge and innovation. So, The two ministers appreciated the growth of bilateral trade, which amounted to 1,804.5 million US dollars in 2022, and stressed that there is still great potential for expanding traditional means of trade and diversifying exports in both directions.

On this occasion, both ministers said Signing two bilateral agreements: he Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in order to promote trade, investment and technology exchange in the field of food safety; Memorandum of understanding on technical cooperation.

Finally, before the interns of the Institute of Foreign Service of the Nation and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Argentine Republic, Minister Reem Al Hashemi held a conference on the foreign and economic policy of the Emirates, accompanied by the Minister of Economy. International Relations , Cecilia Todesca Buccooand Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Foreign Affairs, Claudio Rosenkweig.

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