Are you a fan of collectibles in video games or is it an add-on you can do without? Readers’ opinion

Creator It Takes Two downplays this option: “People don’t even finish games”

Are you perfect In the past decade, video games have penetrated into a concept Holdings, And filling their scenarios with dozens of different items and attractions that give players more reasons to give the one, two, three, or necessary pass to leave nothing behind. Additional commission for his group of followers, but also for his pickers.

There is a lot of things to discover, but not collectibles and that nonsense.Joseph FaresThis is the case with anything else Joseph Fares, The creator Director And the impending one It takes two That in his recent statements, of his usual character, he gave himself up easily with little less than a waste of time. Reason? According to the controversial developer, “People don’t even finish their games. There is a lot of things to discover, but not the collectibles and the wrong things.” We don’t want thatHe confirmed in an interview a few days ago, referring to the new collaborative video game.

Are you a fan of collectibles in video games or is it an add-on you can do without?  Readers' opinion

It is true that not all video games have high completion rates among users. For example, as of October 2020, Our Last: Part Two Finished 60% From those who started it, the number may seem small but it is actually quite high for what can be seen in other titles. So, should developers be worried Add more reasons to revisit the adventure If they can’t get the vast majority to finish it?

What Joseph Faris confirms in his new video game is that we will never be bored, and if that is the case, the creator of It Takes Two is here. Willing to pay 1000 USD. From 3DJuegos we don’t think that’s the case then Your adventure is really fun. He also had time to express everything Controversy with Cyberpunk 2077But this is another day’s discussion. We ask you about collectibles today.

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Is it attractive enough to replay the game? In our department Readers’ opinionAs always, you have a voice and a voice.

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