Apple Vision Pro starts generating health risks: what are they?

Augmented reality can cause problems such as pulling users away from their reality. (Reuters)

The arrival of Apple Vision Pro has generated new interest in augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (RX) technology, which provides access to different interesting solutions and functions for everyday life. However, the other side of this reality is the health problems that arise from the use of these devices, which can affect the physical and mental state of their users.

Negative effects can affect aspects such as people's vision It also generates situations such as social isolation and problems in perceiving the difference between the reality that is consumed inside the device and the reality of the environment with others.

One of the main problems associated with using augmented reality glasses is social isolation. By constantly entering the virtual world, Users run the risk of becoming disconnected from the real world and neglecting interpersonal interactions and relationships

This isolation can reduce the quality and quantity of interpersonal relationships, which may have a negative impact on individuals' emotional and mental health.

Augmented reality can cause problems such as pulling users away from their reality. (European press)

In addition to social isolation, dependence on technology is another major risk. Augmented reality glasses provide a wide range of functions, from work-related tasks to entertainment and communication.

However, over-reliance on these glasses can undermine people's ability to disconnect and maintain a healthy balance between the digital world and the real world. This dependence can cause addictive behaviors and difficulties relating to the physical environment and the people around them.

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In addition to these aspects, there are concerns about distraction and decreased attention that can arise with prolonged use of AR glasses. Constant immersion in a virtual environment can distract users, affecting their productivity and ability to interact effectively in social environments outside of that environment. This can affect academic and work performance, as well as interpersonal communication skills.

The use of mixed reality glasses also raises privacy and security concerns. These devices rely on various sensors and cameras to capture and process personal and environmental data.

Augmented reality can cause problems such as pulling users away from their reality. (Reuters)

The collection and storage of this data raises questions about how it is processed, shared and protected. This is complemented by the constant fear of the possibility of information leakage, due to incorrect use of devices or unauthorized access.

In addition, there are also a number of physical health concerns such as eye strain and headaches. This is closely related to the risk that these technologies cause emotional disconnection from real-life interactions and experiences.

People may have difficulty fully connecting and empathizing with others, as the virtual environment can limit the perception of non-verbal cues and emotional nuances. This emotional disconnect can cause difficulties in establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships, affecting social well-being.

In addition, there are problems that are less serious, but they are annoying and can generate greater consequences in the future, such as cases of dizziness, nausea, or confusion. Because the combination of digital elements in real environments may be difficult for some people to understand and cause an effect on their minds.

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The recommendations are not about stopping access to this technology, but as with other devices, conscious and organized use, with specific times and specific tasks and always complementing AR activities with tasks in real environments and with people.

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