Apple has Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad for the first time: How to download these editing apps

Apple announces Final Cut for iPad. Follow Favorite

Content creators and publishers videoAnd musicians and lovers manzana They will be able to use advanced editing software from their iPad devices after the company announced releases of iPad versions The ultimate cut for professionals (video editing) f Logic Pro (music and sound) for these devices for the first time.

The program that will be officially launched in the Store Applications They can only be used on Mac desktops, but with this new version of their systems, users will be able to edit content from anywhere without having to computer.

Bob BorchersBoth programs, said Apple’s vice president of product marketing, “will allow creators to unleash all their creativity in new ways and in more places (…) with tools designed for the portability and touch interface of the device.” IPAD. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are like a mobile studio.”

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One of the major novelties of both the apps is just that manzana Not only bringing these desktop programs into a portable environment, but also redesigning and creating new special features for touch screens and even for manzana pencil.

Apple announces Final Cut for iPad. Follow Favorite

features like “live drawingAllows the use of this accessory to draw directly on the frame of the video being worked on and add it as an additional element to the project. Other gesture functions have also been added. multi touch To interact with syllables and phonemes and increase the accuracy with which other elements are placed.

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On the other side, manzana Implemented a new mode called Pro camera modethat you can register with videos Directly with the tablet, monitor audio quality, and set special artifacts like white balance, exposure, shadows, sharpening, and more so they can be uploaded directly to Final Cut Pro instead of having to share them with another device to work on them.

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with the Multicam video editing All shots of the same sequence can be automatically synchronized, so that transitions between video corners can be edited more easily. In addition to that it contains other tools that are used artificial intelligence And machine learning to simplify the process Release-Replace the background of some frames, Edit graphics, My voice and special effects.

With this version of Logic ProArtists, musicians or producers will be able to have a portable studio with one device. As with Final Cut Pro, specific tools and features are developed for touch screen from iPad.

Apple announces the launch of Logic Pro for the iPad. Follow Favorite

he Programming It will also introduce a series of digital instruments that can be “played” to generate chords and grades Suitable for producing the next music track. In addition, if it is intended to set up a demo, artists may use microphones IPAD to make the first recordings before going into the studio to improve his piece.

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In the event that certain sounds are needed, Logic Pro It also has a library of some additional resources that can be previewed before being included in the current project, which saves time and improves the creative flow of projects. artists.

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For music producers, this app will also have it beats Customizable voice fonts and presets to start creating backing tracks for vocals or instrumentals along with sounds of drums and other instruments that can aid in the creation process.

Both apps will be available to download from May 23rd Pay a subscription fee $4.99 per month or $49 year.

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