Anti-Trump group pledges $ 50 million to defend supporters of impeachment

Announced Tuesday as the “Republican Accountability Project,” the campaign will also be geared toward addressing the initial challenges of the dozens of Republicans who sought to reverse the electoral victory of President-elect Joe Biden and encourage Republicans in open contests who are not aligned with Trump. MAGA Spirit.

Other notable names spearheading the campaign include Sarah Longwell, co-founder of the Republican Party for the Rule of Law, and the former Trump administration delivered frustrated Elizabeth Newman and Olivia Troy. Newman is Former government employee As a counterterrorism official at the Department of Homeland Security, Troy served on the White House Coronavirus Task Force and served as an advisor to Vice President Mike Pence.

The announcement marks another step in the brutal war for the future of the Republican Party after Trump leaves the Oval Office next week. Before the deadly riots by a pro-Trump mob, the president and his closest allies had pledged to keep an eye out for Republicans who remained loyal to him and his enthusiastic political base.

Better if these guys fight for Trump. Because if they weren’t, guess what? I’ll be in your backyard in two months! Donald Trump Jr. told a crowd of protesters last week, some of them storming the US Capitol building a few hours later as part of riots that left at least five people dead.

Although the president has it She particularly accepted some blame for the riotsAccording to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in a call with the Republican caucus on Monday, Trump has remained publicly unrepentant about his role in fanning the flames that ignited the violent crowds.

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On Tuesday, he told him Incendiary speech To the supporters who were delivered shortly before the mob began storming the Capitol wasPerfect fit. ”

“Everyone thought that was a perfect fit,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday in his first live remarks since the uprising.

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