Android cell phone trick to say the name of the calling person

Android trick to say caller name. (Photo: see how it’s done)

with the app Telephone The GoogleUsers no longer need to look at the screen to see who is calling. Some time ago, the tech giant made available a new feature that allows people to do that Hear the name or number of the person you are calling.

This new feature is very useful if you carry it often headphonesbecause it will save you having to remove a file cell phone Pocket to see who’s calling. If the mobile phone comes as standard with the official Google calling application, Infobae will explain in this article How to enable new caller ID notifications.

Step by step for android cell phone to say caller name

leave the Telephone In bed, in the living room, in the bathroom or in other places is very normal. Finally, there are occasions when it is left out of one’s reach. So if someone calls, you won’t know who it is, especially if it’s an important call, so you might as well stop by and see if you’re interested in the contact you’re trying to reach.

Well with this Android trick it’s over, because this Operating System It has a very cool feature that talks about the name of the person or company you are calling.

Thanks for the app TelephoneThere is now an option called Caller ID Announcement In the application settings.

It is disabled by default, but by clicking on “Caller ID Announcement” you can choose to always say it out loud Incoming caller ID or only when The headset is in use.

Have an Android cell phone say the name of the calling person.  (Photo: MuyComputer)
Have an Android cell phone say the name of the calling person. (Photo: MuyComputer)

Once the caller ID announcement is activated, when an incoming call is received, the Google voice installation will say the phrase “Incoming voice call from (contact / number)” Next to our ringtone. The phrase will be repeated until the phone stops ringing.

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An important fact to mention is that if there are ‘strange’ tags, you won’t be able to translate them as expected, for example, If you have a friend named “J(o)se”, the mobile will say “Jota, in parentheses, O, in parentheses, se”. To take this into account.

How to activate beeping flashlight on Android

Something as simple as a flashlight on a mobile device Android She keeps more secrets than anyone could ever imagine. Although be careful with Applications From the installed lampOnce you’ve found the best, you can improve the experience by configuring it to Activate quickly by beeping.

At first, you might wonder why anyone would want to activate the lamp by beeping, but it’s actually a more convenient feature in certain situations, such as when It can’t find your cell phone and the flashlight can help to identify it in the dark environment or at night.

Flashlight by whistle.  (Photo: Google Play Store / Jose Arana)
Flashlight by whistle. (Photo: Google Play Store / Jose Arana)

In this case, the required application is flashlight by whistle. With it, all you have to do is whistle near your mobile device and the flashlight will be activated even when the screen is off.

Its use is very simple, as follows:

1. Install and enter the application.

2. Activate the specified parameters. Certain permissions may have to be granted.

3. Try to whistle on the cell phone. The lamp must be turned on or off.

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