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It announced that it will start rolling out the latest version of the newly released operating system a few days ago: , which introduces a series of intriguing features such as a certain change in the design of the animation and notifications. Take note.

also with The energy expenditure of your cell phone is greatly reduced, which makes your cell phone battery last about an hour longer than usual.

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However, you have On your smartphone, your device needs to meet a series of minimum requirements. In the absence of one of them, unfortunately it will remain in the factory version. So check this out.

Minimum Requirements To Download Android 12

Remember that these requirements are provided by , they will make you better think about choosing a good cell phone in the future and that it does not stay in an operating system:

  • One of the first requirements is that the minimum pixels per inch must be 400 or more
  • Also, your cell phone must have a 12MP rear camera and 4K recording at 30fps
  • In the case of the front camera, it should be 5 MP and FullHD at 30 fps recording
Find out if your cell phone is about to receive Android 12. Have you already checked it? (Image: Google)
  • On the other hand, you should have 6 GB of RAM
  • Also, your device must have a minimum of 64GB of storage space.
  • Must have memory capable of exceeding read and write speeds of 125MB/s and 250MB/s


  • The first thing you should do on your Google Pixel 3 or above is to enter developer options. To access it, simply go to Settings and Systems, and tap on the build number about 10 times to activate it.
  • Now just go to USB debugging and enable OEM option. Then you should connect your device to the computer. But before you do that, be sure to download the ADB program. That’s why we leave the link here:
  • Now go to . Select the device you have connected and accept the patch on your cell phone.
  • At that moment, you simply have to accept whatever appears on your computer. Now just wait for all the information to load, this process can take up to 30 minutes and voila.
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