An online course will feature unpublished films and retrospective reviews by Eduardo Montes Bradley

Sunday 28 March 2021

FOCO MONTES-BRADLEY is a partial look at the works produced by the director in Argentina, the United States, Germany and Brazil between 1999 and 2020. Every two months will feature unpublished productions for Argentina and re-display, which will be available for 60 days for free and exclusively on the Vimeo platform of the Audiovisual GPS system, gpsaudiovisual

The course will end with I’m looking for an Innkeeper, The last premiere investigating the life of Pablo Tabernero (1910-1996), one of the most influential Argentine cinematographers of his time, who escaped the Nazis and fought in the Spanish Civil War before arriving in the country, a figure who became the master of a generation of motifs featuring Felix Monty and Ricardo Aronovic, among many.

Montes Bradley’s documentaries have been featured in the official selection of film festivals in Argentina and other parts of the world. It is recognized by African American Studies departments, part of university libraries in the United States and part of academic program curricula. His works are usually shown in cultural centers and events.

Montes Bradley is a member of the Board of Directors of the African American Heritage Center, a member of the UNESCO International Advisory Committee, and Chair of Global Education and Global Citizenship. He is currently working as an audiovisual media consultant at the University of Virginia and as a photography producer and documentary director for the Heritage Film Project.

Montes Bradley Focus

April 1: The other Madison (2021); Borges’ Guard: Jared Lowenstein (2012); Hartou Borges (2000)

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June 1: Alice: At home with Alice Parker (2020); Le mot just – ideography of Hector Teson (2004); Tales of the Commander of Leadership (2001)

August 1: Polymorphic delicious distractions (2004); Lanx: grabador yankee en Virginia (LANX: Yankee PrintMaker in Virginia, 2017)

October 1: A Certain Look – Ideography of Juan José Cebelli (2004); Rita Dove – American poet (2014)

December 1st: I’m looking for an Innkeeper (2020); Julian Bond: Reflections from the Front Lines of the Civil Rights Movement (2012)

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