Alphonso Davies’ crazy celebration after Canada’s victory over the United States

The Canadian national team is having its best moment in a long time. After several years of investment and long-term work in the roots of the base of the tree, the product is thriving. is that they have one of the superstars in their history with footballers who shine every weekend in the major European leagues and in Major League Soccer. And they are less and less lacking to realize the dream of more than one generation: Playing the second World Cup in its history. In this sense, the passage to Qatar 2022 It is no longer just a distant illusion, but a dream about to come true. much more yet 2-0 victory over the United States in the framework of the tenth date of the CONCACAF qualifiers.

Thanks to goals by Kyle Larrain and left back Samuel Adekogbe, they triumphed in the North American classic with a bang. In addition to the fact that possession control was responsible for the visit, they had a clear plan: put a low block, understand the area in which the opponent should be pressed, and as soon as the ball was recovered, quickly start trying to get into the opponent’s area with the fewest passes. There was no time to waste. If they saw space they ran towards the target. And they lack their main character. Alphonso Davies, who has suffered from myocarditis as a result of Covid-19 and will not be able to return to the courts for a while, was not part of the victory at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario. but nevertheless, He lived the match with more tension than he would on the field, ever since he went live on Twitch and celebrated the three points with his followers.

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Canada record

Canada remain undefeated in the final stage of CONCACAF qualifying with six wins and four draws in ten matches. Thus, it is the team that has played the most unbeaten matches in the current tournament, according to Mr. Chip. In fact, even Argentina and Brazil, who have not lost in 14 matches, do not match it.

Larryn opened the recording.  (AFP)

Larryn opened the recording. (AFP)

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How were qualified?

There are still three matches left to finish Day 10 after which there will be four dates remaining for the playoffs. However, Canada was one step away from going to the airport to check in and getting the entire campus on board for the November landing in the Middle East. The leader with 22 units, he capitalized on four points over the United States and five over Mexico (should play on Sunday against Costa Rica). In addition, they benefited greatly from eight points over Panama, which will play on Repechage for the time being.

The Canadian people dream of a new World Cup.  (AFP)

The Canadian people dream of a new World Cup. (AFP)

The only North American country to have participated in a World Cup Final dates back to 1986, when they were part of the release that took place on Mexican soil. On that occasion they suffered three defeats in their three matches (0-1 against France and 0-2 against Hungary and the Soviet Union).

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