All of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s plans before their unexpected breakup

Chloe Kardashian s Tristan Thompson They had big plans as a couple, even a singer “keeping up with the Kardashians” He was considering moving to Boston to be close to the NBA star while continuing his contract with the team Boston Celtics. However, the relationship ended less than a year after their reconciliation in mid-2020.

The couple reportedly separated “a few weeks ago,” before Britain’s Daily Mail revealed on Monday that Tristan, 30, had disappeared into a room with three women at a party in Bel Air in Los Angeles, California, over the weekend, and in His way out looked “shaggy” with shaggy hair and wrinkled clothes. However, his lawyers denied these allegations.

A source told People magazine that as of last week, they were “planning some summer vacation together and still talking about ‘give a true brother’.”. Another source noted, “The ups and downs with Tristan have always been very frustrating for Khloe. He worked hard to trust Tristan. On the second part of the ‘KUWTK: The Reunion’ special that aired on Sunday, the Good American co-founder spoke about trusting Tristan.” .

“I definitely trust him as a friend and all that stuff. I just need to trust and focus on today and go day in and day out. Chloe replied to host Andy Cohen. ‘I know the growth and the work you’ve done. I know all the help you have and the constant efforts you put in every day, And how hard it must be for you to confront me today. I don’t understand why anyone would go through all of this if it wasn’t really serious.”

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The special was taped in early April before the recent Thompson cheating scandal. The basketball player was accused of cheating with the model and the influencer, Sydney Chase, who claimed in a podcast interview that she went to bed with him in January after he assured her he was single. Apparently, this would have been the impetus that definitely made the flirtation explode.

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