After five failed attempts, Space X managed to land the spacecraft without exploding

After five failed attempts, SpaceX managed to land with its prototype The Starship Interplanetary Rocket at its base Texas Without explosion.

In all, it cost nine attempts: the first experiment was conducted at the end of 2019. This was followed by seven more attempts that ended in Rod, The abbreviations that correspond to Fast and unscheduled dismantlingAnd the Unexpected quick dismantling. This basically means that they are shattered.

On Wednesday, May 5, the Starship 15 (SN15) serial number successfully completed its fifth flight test in the High altitude spacecraft prototype.

As in previous high-altitude spacecraft flight tests, the SN15 was triggered during ascent by three Raptor engines, each of which was sequentially shut off before the vehicle reached its zenith. About 10 km above sea level.

SN15 shifted from propellant to internal vertical tanks, containing Landing propulsion, Before reorienting itself to re-enter and controlled airdrops.

Four unsuccessful attempts before success. Photo by AFP

Download the prototype vehicle Under active aerodynamic control, Is achieved through the independent movement of the two front and two rear wings on the car.

All four panels were activated by an on-board flight computer to control the Starship’s position during flight and allow Precise landing at the intended location.

The Raptor’s SN15’s engines were turned on again while the vehicle was performing its landing maneuver right before landing for a nominal landing on the platform.

Sopace X clarified in a statement that these test flights on the Starship aim to enhance understanding and development.Completely reusable conveying system Designed to carry both crew and cargo on long-haul interplanetary voyages, and help humanity return to life Colors And travel to Mars And beyond. “

Starlink, its prime

In another of the areas where there is an airline Elon MuskThis Tuesday, it launched from Florida (USA) Falcon 9 into space with a new batch of 60 satellites for your Starlink InternetAfter finding favorable weather conditions for the mission.

The launch took place on time, 15:01 local time, from the Cape Canaveral Space Station complex (East Florida), and after nine minutes, the reusable portion successfully completed the return flight to land on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean.

The reusable Falcon 9 rocket from Two phases took off with a beam of 60 satellites on top Nine minutes later, the first stage of the spacecraft was able to return to Earth and land on the platform that was baptized as “Of course I still love you,” located in the Atlantic Ocean about 400 miles (630 km) away.

Antenna for satellite Internet connection.  Photo DPA

Antenna for satellite Internet connection. Photo DPA

The sharp images sent by SpaceX showed impeccable progression to the mission stage by stage, from rocket launch to Separating space from the satellite “package” That was in orbit around the earth.

The agency’s monitoring team welcomed with applause the moment the missile returned to the planet nine minutes later Landed delicately At the set point of the floating offshore platform.

This mission is part of SpaceX’s “Starlink” program, which aims to put a large number of satellites into orbit. To create the above artificial web.

This is “the ninth landing of this propellant (Falcon 9) on ‘Of Course I Still Love You'”, as the agency highlighted in its account for Twitter.

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Last Sunday, the first previously manned commercial mission was developed NASA In conjunction with SpaceX, the Dragon capsule and its four astronauts on board are returning to Earth, after staying in International Space Station (EEI).

Elon Musk, CEO, Starlink.  new pictures

Elon Musk, CEO, Starlink. new pictures


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