Advanced Video The hit Netflix miniseries: Starring Jeff Daniels, is only 6 chapters long and captivates you until the end

Emmy winner Jeff Daniels The star-studded cast of this series is led by Netflix From the award-winning creatorBig little lies». The series is based on the 1998 novel by Tom Wolfe about Charles Crocker, a real estate mogul who believes he is immune to everything, similar to former United States President Donald Trump: “every man”.

Netflix: The documentary series with only 8 chapters exploring the unexplainable

Written by David E. Kelley and directed by Regina King and Thomas Schlamm, the film tells the story, in six acts, of the way business and political interests collide when Atlanta-based Charlie Crocker defends his business empire against those who want to profit from his sudden bankruptcy.

Totally Man, the Netflix miniseries based on the books

Throughout the six seasons, the story shows the power struggle between men obsessed with the law of the strongest. Charlie Crocker thinks he has something to brag about. Although he is 60 years old, he has a young second wife at the age of 28 and enjoys a successful life. Even his life takes an unexpected turn.

His luxurious life begins to falter when his bank calls him to a meeting and tells him that he is on the verge of bankruptcy and his assets could be seized. There he begins to think about how to control the situation again. This leads him to meet a smart, intelligent lawyer and the mayor of Atlanta, who is so concerned about his re-election that he is able to propose a brutal deal.

A synopsis of All a Man, the Netflix miniseries with Jeff Daniels that's making waves

An Atlanta real estate tycoon must face relentless enemies and take drastic measures to get back on top when his empire begins to crumble.

The cast of the Netflix film Against the American Dream

  • Jeff Daniels is Charlie Crocker.
  • Diane Lane is Martha Crocker.
  • Tom Pelfrey is Raymond Pipgrass.
  • William Jackson Harper is Wes Jordan.
  • Amal Amin is Roger White.
  • Sarah Jones is Serena Crocker.
  • John Michael Hill is Conrad Hensley.
  • Shante Adams is Jill Hensley.
  • Lucy Liu as Joyce Newman.
  • Bill Camp is Harry Zell.
  • Evan Roe is Wally Crocker.

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