A woman was swallowed whole by a snake in Indonesia

The mother of four children disappeared on Thursday evening, and a search began for her in the village of Kalembang.

A dead woman was found inside a snake Which He swallowed it whole in central IndonesiaA local official announced on Saturday.

Husband Faridal 45 yearsand residents Kalembang villagein the province South SulawesiThey discovered it on Friday inside a reticulated python about five meters long.

The village leader told AFP that the mother of four children disappeared on Thursday night and a search had begun for her.Suardi Rosie.

A 45-year-old woman was swallowed whole by a huge snake in Indonesia

Neighbors quickly searched the area and saw “Big-bellied snake”It is to explain Suardi Rosie. “They decided to open his stomach and head Farida“, who was fully clothed inside the snake.

These types of accidents are very unusual, but many people have died in them Indonesia In recent years after being swallowed by snakes.

Last year, residents of the area Tenangiain the southeast of Celebes IslandThey killed one An eight-month-old snake choked and ate a farmer.

In 2018, A 54-year-old woman was found dead inside a seven-metre-long python in a city Monaalso in Southeast Sulawesi. The previous year, a four-metre-long python devoured a farmer in West Sulawesi.

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