A strange blue snail has appeared in the shape of a galaxy in the Alaskan sky

An unusual light has appeared in the Alaskan night sky in the form of a spiral galaxy. The discovery was made by a group of observers from Northern Lights When they admire the green streaks of light. One of the experts explained why it was worth it and indicated that it was about missiles from SpaceX.

The event was recorded on Saturday morning and spread through various photos on social media, sparking a series of theories about it. The appearance of the vortex was captured by the Panoramic Camera of the Geophysical Institute in that state of the United States and shown in a widely circulated fast-moving video. “This spiral has created something of an internet storm.Space physicist Don Hampton explained.

However, the explanation was something more mundane than an alien invasion or the appearance of a portal to faraway places of the universe. It’s simply the excess fuel that was expelled by a SpaceX rocket that launched from California. About three hours before the IUD appears.

Sometimes rockets contain fuel that needs to be expelled, said Hampton, an assistant professor at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. “When they do this at high altitude, the fuel turns to ice.“, pointed out.

The event was seen from various points in Alaska

Although this is not a typical sight, Hampton notes that he has seen this type of phenomenon about three times:And if it happens in sunlight, when you’re in the dark on the Earth, you can see it as kind of a big cloud, and sometimes it rotates“.

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In addition, the paparazzi who attended the Northern Lights show posted their photos on social media.

The rocket, which launched Friday night from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, was carrying 25 satellites as payload. It was a polar launch, making it visible over a wide swath of Alaska.

The northern lights are one of the effects of solar storms.Getty Images

They kind of dumped the fuel just in time for us to get this amazing snailHampton said of the flash the missile created.

And while it appeared to be a galaxy passing over Alaska, Hampton said it was not. “I can tell you it’s not a galaxyHe pointed outIt’s just water vapor reflecting sunlight“.

With information from the Associated Press and Reuters.


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