A pit bull attacked an 83-year-old woman and was killed by police with two bullets

Once again a purebred dog pitbull attacked a neighbor Hurlingham who was walking along the sidewalk. The victim is a 83-year-old woman That though injuries is far from dangerous.

The woman was bitten and before the dog continued to hurt her, a neighbor stepped in and ended up injured. It all happened near the intersection of Granadros and Los Patos in the town of Villa Club. Theresa Cortez circulated there and was taken to San Bernardino Hospital On his care of “minor cuts and injuries,” it reported Introduction.

While the young man was helping the woman, the neighbors called 911 To call for help and minutes later a patrol car arrived. The police tried to calm the angry animal, but could not do so. Therefore, the final solution they came up with was euthanasia. With the consent of the owner, They fired two bullets In the rib cage and pitbull died instantly. Later, the directorate staff Zoonoses town He removed the dog’s body from the scene.

The boy who helped the retiree by name Severino Cruz He also suffered from some scratches, but they are more superficial than those of the lady.

The case is being investigated by the public prosecutor Fernando Capello of UFI No. 2 in Morron, who opened a case Illegal investigation غير To investigate what happened. He did not order any action against the dog’s owner or against the police who shot him.

A pitbull survived, bitten five neighbors and was killed by a policeman who was patrolling the neighborhood

In 15 minutes, a Chison dog. pitbull This is brown run away from home Without a leash or a muzzle, on January 28 he unleashed the madness at 1400 Alessandre Street, in the city of Morón in Buenos Aires. Five neighbors ended up with injuries in the hospital and a policeman who was patrolling the area killed the animal to control the situation.

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Marta, 46 years old, was The first in the series of victims The dog on his return from leaving his 12-year-old son with a private tutor. It was 9.45 am, and suddenly she saw Chasson running headlong towards her.

It happened at the intersection of Alessandre and Avellaneda in Moron.

In a conversation with her, the woman said: “In a second he jumped towards me, tore off my wallet, I was frightened, his teeth jumped into me.” T. It was all too fast but real horror invaded her when she saw, literally, that the animal had taken a piece of her arm out of its mouth. “The tendon was outside. I freaked out and started screaming.”

Another neighbor wanted to help her which she ended up getting bitten in the rib area. In turn, his wife wanted to help him and was attacked by a bull.

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