A new scam alert is being traded as a chain on WhatsApp

When I spin the wheel The system will ask you to download an application to your phone And keep it open for at least 30 seconds, do not do this step, as this may be a download of Trojans that can invade your device.

scam amazon.jpg

The first clue to finding out that it isn’t real is this Amazon is not as 30 years old as they say, because it was founded in 1994. Also, the link attached to the message is not the official Amazon URL.

the term “Trolling ” It is used in computer science to describe a A group of techniques designed to deceive a person To perform actions that they should not take. this is Technique It allows third parties to access your data and funds.

While prof A Trojan horse virus is a seemingly innocuous program, But when turned on, it provides an attack that allows you to remotely access any infected device.

Some of the signs that you may have a virus on your cell phone:

  • Some apps frequently crash or crash.
  • Cell phone uses high data for no reason.
  • Ads in apps for no apparent reason and on an ongoing basis.
  • The battery runs out in no time.
  • The device starts to overheat.

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