A Netflix documentary featuring one of the criminal cases that shocked New York

Documentary series Netflix “Sons of Sam: Descent into Darkness” The viewer is immersed in one of the most shocking and disturbing cases in American criminal history. during Four great episodesthis production Joshua Ziman It offers a disturbing insight into the crimes he committed David Berkowitzknown as “Sons of Shem.”.

  1. The series deals not only with the crimes committed by Berkowitz, but also with the crimes he committed Police investigations and theories Which indicates that there may be more involved in these serial murders.

Additionally, it explores the impact of these events on popular culture and how they affected the concept of public safety New York.

Ibn's case Sam It became a constant obsession for the journalist Murray TerryConvinced that the murders had something to do with a satanic cult.

Episodes of Sons of Shem: Descent into Darkness:

Season 1 (released in 2021):

1. Hello from the sewers (duration 58 minutes).

2. Between the Bullet and the Wall (duration: 62 minutes).

3. The Greatest Evil (duration 58 minutes).

4. Self-destruct spiral (duration: 62 minutes).

Uproar in New York:

The series shows a wave of murders in a city New York In the late 1970s, spreading panic and uncertainty among the population.

It also explores the history David Berkowitz Their crimes appear to be “random”. Tension and fear gripped the city during this dark time.

“Sons of Shem.” Not only does it focus on Berkowitz, but it also raises theories that there may be a broader network behind these murders.

The series examines these theories and delves into the connections and potential accomplices, challenging the notion that Berkowitz acted alone in his crimes.

The documentary series delves into the details of the case, including testimonies, archives and interviews with investigators, journalists and people connected to the events, and provides a detailed look at the dark and little-known sides of this notorious chapter in criminal history. United States.

“Sons of Shem: Descent into Darkness” It is a disturbing and fascinating journey that reveals the complexity and implications of a case that shocked the city and left an indelible mark on the history of crime.

The series invites viewers to immerse themselves in the intrigues, mysteries and reflections surrounding this disturbing event.

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