A healthy ‘no’ to remove Covid masks in July

The The use of the mask in Spain It has become one of the most discussed issues in recent days, given the increase in the number of people already vaccinated and the relaxation of other measures linked to the pandemic. An issue where neither independent communities nor experts find a common point when setting deadlines.

Castilla-La Mancha He was the first to deselect Monday with the announcement The end of the mask in the open spaces of JulyRegardless of what the government as a whole dictates.

This procedure met with “not” a lot of Doctors as nurses, Bearing in mind that it is a file ‘Hasty decision’ This could lead to an increase in infections if not managed properly.

It must be subject to maintenance or relaxation in its use. ” Epidemiological standards rather than calendarsManuela García, the society’s second vice president, says General Council of Medical Associations (Cgcom).

The group agrees with experts in epidemiology when referring to thresholds for Remove the mask, How are they doing Low risk of transmission, Equivalent to a cumulative incidence within 14 days Less than 65 cases per 100,000 residents And cover Vaccination of high-risk groups and those over the age of 60 between 60 and 70 percent. At this time, one month after the procedure, neither the index of vaccination nor the risk of national infection, which is at an average level, allow us to stop using this type of protection without risk.

A shared pull of masks across Spain

Garcia supports implementing these and other de-escalation measures “little by little”. Differences between outdoor areas or near beaches, Where the risk of transmission is “less”, especially if safety distances are respected, and Interior areas, Which calls on you to be “very careful” when introducing a greater risk.

What’s more, from Cgcom they claim to keep the mask in some of these closed spaces, like Airplanes or theatersEven when the epidemic is over. Also in some “situations of greater transmission risk”, not only of Covid-19 but of “Any respiratory virus“, Such as ache.

The doctor thinks these past months should make us “change the chip” and “get used to it.” He wears a mask in certain contextsFor example, when we “feel constipated” to reduce infection, as happened this year.

“We have to be very careful when it comes to withdrawing this measure,” Garcia insists, in favor of Reach Inter-community consensus on this restriction. The doctor agrees with Health Minister Carolina Darya, who made it clear, a few weeks ago, that removing the masks would be a joint decision nationally and not individually by each regional government.

“ The logical thing is to take central action that can be taken together When all the autonomy is ready to do itOptional, except for the “specific limitations” that characterized the circumstances, he explained.

“Wrong” relaxation message

Along these lines, according to Jose Antonio Corcada, president of the Aninvac, The decision to lift the mandatory nature of the mask is not only “hasty given the current epidemiological situation”, but also constitutes ‘Message of relaxation’ For citizens. “Any of these actions must be based on A. Strong scientific evidenceThe nurse, who, like Garcia, asserts, stresses that it is not appropriate today to “set dates” for this type of measure despite the good progress in the vaccination campaign.

“If we had kept the restrictive measures for a longer period, a month or a month and a half, surely It was much easier to implement de-escalation measures, Because there might be an incidence rate of 50 or 75 cases. But it is more than 125, which is a high risk, “says Vorkada, who warned that” very quick decisions lead to more reassurance that this is over and that you can do what you want “and he also guarantees that, despite the increase in the rate of vaccination “Artificial intelligence is not declining much.”

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