38 years ago he conquered the UK with Brothers in Arms – Radio Concierto Chile

A day like today, in 1985, terrible straits He reached number one in the UK thanks to his album Brothers in arms.

The album was one of the world’s first major releases on CD and was the first record in this digital format to pass one million units sold.

His two biggest hits were The march of life And Money for nothingwhich features Sting, is one of the most iconic videos of the ’80s.

With her fourth studio album, Appropriate Address Love is more important than gold In 1982, Dire Straits successfully exceeded commercial expectations. But when they came back in 1985 with their successor, Brothers in armsThey completely destroyed it.

They’ve never been overly enthusiastic about rock-oriented radio, and they really didn’t have to.

Support for gold and platinum sales terrible straits Even during its long string of records it failed to produce a single as successful as Sultan of fun.

However, Love is more important than gold They found the Dire Straits effectively turning their backs on fads with a proven record around an opening track (“Telegraph Road”) that lasted over 14 minutes and was sounding moody and reflective even by their standards.

Dire Straits and its final soundtrack

That sound remained almost intact Brothers in armswhich arrived on May 13, 1985 with the same immaculate performances and slick, powerful guitar work as on the band’s previous outings, Motto Future Radio.

But among the most common terrible strait cuts such as “Your latest trickAnd the title track had a few relatively strong songs suitable for radio, two of which were,Money for nothing” And “The march of life”, opens the band’s music to millions and millions of new fans.

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