3 Netflix news that will completely change your experience with the platform

Netflix announces the plan’s arrival date with an announcement, the end of joint accounts from 2023 and its commitment to cloud gaming.

Netflix recently posted Corresponding financial results for the third quarter of 2022 Which reveal that the broadcast platform series And the films took flight a bit Over 223 million subscribers worldwide.

The American company took advantage of the occasion to advertise Three innovations that will completely change your experience with the platformwhich we will detail below.

netflix news

Netflix announced 3 new developments that will mark the future of the streaming platform

These are the top 3 news coming to Netflix in the coming months

There is no doubt that Netflix’s most prominent announcement has to do with the end of joint accounts and that is it After months of rumorsthe streaming service confirmed it From January 2023 All users who share an account and do not reside at the same address will have to do so Pay extra.

According to the tests previously conducted by the US company in some Latin American countries such as Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, all sub-accounts will have to incur an additional cost of $2.99, Approx 2.67€ to change.

In this sense, Netlfix has announced that this fee will not be automatic, since the streaming service, at least for the time being, will give sub-account users a deadline for Move configured profiles to a new account.

Second, Netflix has officially confirmed it Your new cheap plan with ads will arrive in SpainUnited States, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada 10 November and in our country it will cost 5.49 euros per month.

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Netflix already allows you to transfer your profile to another account: so you can do it step by step

Finally, just like They confirm us from the broker XDA-DevelopersNike Verdu, Vice President of Netflix Games, announced that his company is “seriously” considering offering a gaming service in the cloud and that’s why he plans Open a new game development studio in Southern Californiadirected by Chaco Soni, who was, at the time, the executive producer of Overwatch.

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