24 Hours at the Maison Belle Epoque, the Art Nouveau dream of the founders of Perrier-Juet

‘Vaniatis’ is moving to Épernay, a French town where this wonderful home with so much history left behind is located. In addition, we interview Séverine Frerson, the first chef de How to work in the Champagne Company, which has its origins in the 19th century.

text: Jose Madrid
Pictures: Aria and Manuel Azurmendi
design: Bolivar Alcoser

Trè belle’. La Maison Belle Epoque, the historic home of the Perrier-Jouët champagne company, is an invitation to travel through time, the vivid memory of France’s most elegant and exclusive countryside. Art Nouveau style and pampering nature in all its splendor are the main protagonists of a place that seems to have been taken from Perrault’s book. Maison is located on the Avenue de Champagne in the historic Épernay where the headquarters of the world’s finest champagne companies are located. Vanitatis visits this distinct enclave in France on a foggy October day that invites you to smell the champagne and contemplate the beauty of the surroundings. The annual harvest has already been celebrated, and the leaves of the nearby vineyards have already acquired the color of liquid gold and Anniversary of Pierre-Nicolas Perrier and Rose Adelaide Jewet It is more present than ever.

They gave the company its name and they are the human factor of this place that combines art and tradition. Having solidified their relationship, Pierre Nicolas and Rose Adelaide married in 1810. At that time, they could not doubt that their surnames would exceed two centuries. She was the daughter of a Norman merchant family who received a rigorous education. He is a botanist who shared his love for nature with his wife. A year after the wedding, in 1811, they created the house, where they united their two great passions: wine and nature. They were complicit in their goals, they were always straightforward in that Chardonnay grapes with floral scentHe will be the protagonist of the product they are going to make.

The windows are full of leaves with a very red tone.

In a time when women were merely accessories in a man’s shadow, Rose Adelaide stood out for her participation in a creation that would transform her life. It is in this passion that we read in the protagonists of the novel as empowered as La Templanza, who also ran his family’s Jerez vineyards in an ongoing way. Jewett shows that such women do exist in real life. Being a woman of the nineteenth century, she was advanced, in many ways, at the time she had to live. This was told by Séverine Frerson, the first chef of the cave, speaking with us in a wonderful room designed by Louis Majorelle, one of the rooms of this magical place. Despite the time space, Frerson always had a special relationship with Rose-Adélaïde: “I think of the energy I had. She was a woman of interdisciplinary talent. She had three children but her role went beyond that of a mother. He had a lot of responsibility. She was responsible for Receiving clients when her husband went on a trip and managed everything, from the production to the vineyards themselves, when he wasn’t there. I realize myself in their design.”

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