2024 Scholarship in USA for Mexicans at COMEXUS

If in 2024 you are looking for new academic and professional challenges, take note of the most popular scholarships you can apply for from Mexico to go to the United States through the Fulbright-García Robles scholarship promoted by COMEXUS.

Through the U.S. Consulate, information about this invitation to apply for the Fulbright-Garcia Robles Dual Business Scholarship has been provided; Registration for this opportunity will close next February, and we will inform you about its topic and how to apply.

Esta beca es otorgada a personas con nacionalidad mexicana y te decimos el ABC de cómo puedes aplicar.

2024 Scholarships in USA: Who Can Apply?

In the case of the Fulbright-Garcia Robles Dual Business Scholarship, the invitation indicates that young Mexicans who have recently graduated with a bachelor's or master's degree can apply for the program. The opportunity is also available to professionals starting their careers.

This scholarship is intended for training in a company and to be able to study up to four graduate-level courses at a prestigious university for 10 months in the United States, indicating a COMEXUS invitation.

“El objetivo es que el becario se familiarice con el ambiente empresarial de Estados Unidos para contribuir a crear un entendimiento mutuo entre los sectores privados de México y de Estados Unidos”.

Through these types of initiatives, the United States-Mexico Committee for Educational and Cultural Exchange Comexus He recalls how he placed interns at companies and universities, such as the New Mexico Business Alliance, Johnny Pops, Nordicware, the University of New Mexico (NM), and the University of Minnesota, for example.

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Participating institutions and companies may change each year depending on the characteristics of the call and the characteristics of the program.

Take note: The New York Film Academy will be holding auditions in 2024 in Guadalajara, so you can apply

How to register for the 2024 scholarship in the United States? deadline

Although this type of call involves a selection and analysis process to determine which applicants can benefit from the scholarship, it is important that you submit an application before the end of the registration period.

Para la beca Fulbright-García Robles de Negocios Binacionales, la convocatoria de registro terminará el próximo 7 de febrero de 2024 a las 11:59 p.m. hora central.

It is expected that the selected scholarship recipients will be able to start their internship and studies at the end of August 2024. After the first screening, applicants advance to further processes through online interviews.

Learn the entire call, requirements, documentation and processes.

What do you need to be selected for the scholarship?

In this case, it is made clear that the candidate must have an academic and professional profile with some basic points.

  • Work or training experience of not less than three years
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in one of the following disciplines: Business Administration, Finance, Economics, International Relations, Marketing, Law/International Law, Accounting, or other related business.
  • Candidates with a bachelor's or master's degree in another field may be considered if they demonstrate experience and interest in business and in accordance with the needs of participating companies.
“El Programa de Negocios Binacionales está diseñado para personas flexibles y autosuficientes capaces de aprovechar el momento, de establecer y administrar expectativas y de forjar experiencias valiosas a lo largo del programa”.

Apply to the call in the official application log

Other requirements mentioned are:

  • Obtain a GPA of at least 8.5. This must be verified by a letter from the university or a certificate of final qualifications
  • Title, degree certificate, or degree commitment letter no later than March 31, 2023, if specified
  • Submit your current GRE or GMAT exam scores
  • For the GRE: Get a score of at least 152 on any section of the exam
  • For the GMAT: Get a score of at least 550
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Do you need to speak English to apply for a scholarship in the USA in 2024?

Yes, at least for this scholarship you will have to submit current TOEFL scores: 550 ITP or 80 IBT or IELTS: 6.5 (minimum average score).

  • As part of the general requirements, you will also have to submit 3 letters of recommendation in English
  • In addition to a personal essay (personal statement) in English and a Statement of Scholarship Purpose essay in English. This article should justify interest in the bilateral business program.
  • CV in English in PDF format
What does a scholarship like Fulbright-García Robles de Negocios Binacionales include?
  • Round-trip airline ticket between Mexico and the United States and Mexico
  • Monthly support that is determined based on the cost of living in the United States
  • One-time support to cover installation costs
  • Monthly support for professional materials
  • Fulbright Medical Expenses Insurance (ASPE)
  • J1 visa processing. All Fulbright students travel on a J1 (exchange visitor) visa processed by UNHCR

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