‘Zorro’ focuses on Costa Rica’s ‘chances’ in match against Canada: ‘It’s short, but Seely still has a chance’

The three matches that will end at the conclusion of the octagonal selections towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be a heart attack and will leave the blink of an eye Ticos or Canaleros with no options.

Which team will best handle the World Cup qualifiers final in the region, Panama or Costa Rica? The Canalero will have Hondurans, Americans and Canadians as contenders, while Ticos will face Canada, El Salvador and the United States.

“The horse that reaches, wins” is guaranteed in the equestrian world. However, this Panamanian team has shown, so far, to be a strong contender.

It will be the battle of veteran Costa Rica, who has already tasted the taste of victory, against an opponent who was ready from the first moment to repeat it in the second World Cup.

That will be when they really grit their teeth and it will be known which hearts and minds are best prepared to withstand this massive shutdown.

ticos or canaleros. There is no room for many people. The Panamanians will reach the final series with a slight bias, with 17 points and the Costa Ricans, who crush their heels, with 16 points.

It should be borne in mind that the Americans and Mexicans are not completely ranked with 21 points alike, but it will be very difficult to get to them, although not everything is written in football.

“The chances are limited, but Seely still has a chance, and for me the first game against Canada is what will determine if Seely really gets all those chances to be able to get to that fourth place,” Carlos Hernandez said. .

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Costa Rica has improved significantly in scoring in the past three dates, reaching No. 10 out of 12 units in its recent presentations.

In addition, Tricolor’s superb display at the Azteca Stadium against the Mexicans was a surprise, a game taken for granted, as I swear by the negative history of confrontations in the aforementioned scenario of the Mexican capital.

The match against Jamaica, which was always a very complicated scenario in Kingston, turned from less to more, and even the maximum penalty kick was wasted, which could have provided a better result.

For this reason, the veteran former midfielder of the national team, Carlos Hernandez, does not throw in the towel and considers, even with all the difficulties that will arise, that the triple colors are still alive.

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