Zoom activates an option to make your video calling more fun

Use of Zoom has increased significantly last time. Face-to-face meetings have changed into video calls to avoid COVID-19 infection, however, she continues to study and work. It is at this point where Video conferencing platform It has been beneficial to millions of people. Now, aiming to continue to improve and Offer a closer life experience-The app includes a function called ‘Global View’.

If we remember something about virtual classes or video conferencing with Zoom, it’s the monitor with each of the participants. Small pictures, in gallery view, each with their own background. Now, thanks to «Overview », all meeting participants can appear organized on screen and under the same default background. The company says this new feature is “a more attractive and collaborative way to make video calls”.

Zoom’s “panoramic view” can be useful for a large number of scenarios. For example in WebinarsWhere committee members interact, each from their respective locations, in the same room.

It can also work for virtual classrooms, business meetings, or conferences. This post It allows you to collect up to 25 participants, and of course the hosts will be able to pick a box of their choice. If more than 25 participants are connected, the additional participants will be displayed in the thumbnails above the scene.

What’s more, Hosts can rearrange participants in the virtual scene to their liking. They will have the ability to do this automatically or manually. They can also change the size of the participants, although they can all be the same size for a more natural display.

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Zoom in / Zoom out allows you to easily switch between “Pan View” and Gallery

Zoom in

If you no longer want to use “panoramic view”, you do not need to close the video call in zoom. Simply You can switch to gallery view at any timeoy without damaging the dynamics of the room. If you want to share the screen, the “panoramic view” will be disabled automatically. When sharing stops, you will start over with the same previous settings.

Zoom is available for Windows and macOS 5.6.3 or higher. It works on both Free and Pro accounts. It can also be enabled from the web portal.

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