Zombies come to Watch Dogs with Legion of the Dead, a free 4-player co-op

It will arrive tomorrow and from here you can watch over 20 minutes of material from this amazing content.

We used to say zombies are in fashion; But they never cease to exist. Be it faster or slower. They have wanted to join this party ever since Watch the Dogs Corps, The popular Ubisoft sandbox launched Legion of the Dead, a New Free DLC Which includes a cooperative mode for up to four players, as you might imagine, you have to face hordes of undead.

IGN has posted at least one video 21 minutes Where you can get a better idea of ​​how this surprising mode works, which its managers promise to expand with content and improvements, upon arrival directly as an alpha version, as the game manager tells the above-mentioned moderator Jean Pascal Campiotti.

Her manager notes that community support in content will be importantCommunity feedback will be very important in shaping the concept of Legion of the Dead in Watch Dogs. Naturally, they kept the hacker’s essence in the saga, as they were able to use various devices to attract the attention of zombies or kill them all. If the manager indicates that they have determined that the enemies are “Slow but fatal”; All as an excuse to cause chaos and for players to have fun trying different strategies and combinations.

Soon we’ll leave doubts about the outcome of the hackers’ battle against zombies, which comes as part of the Ubisoft Free Game Update 4.5.1. If you want to learn more, of course, don’t miss it Watch Dogs Legion review.

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