Zombie 2 Netflix | Where and how to see online in the sequel to the train to Busan Peninsula 2

Train to Busan It was one of the great releases of the zombie genre in recent times, giving the undead “new life” and introducing a new dynamic to a brutal character who was in decline. Now, it’s four years after the original show premiered Zombie Station 2: Peninsula (“Train to Busan 2: The Peninsula”).

Four years after a zombie epidemic broke out, Korea is still infested with monsters, and Jung Seok, a former soldier, manages to escape from the peninsula to Hong Kong. While living as a refugee, ignored by the locals, he accepts a tempting offer from a foreigner that makes him return to his origins.

Consequently, he would be forced to raid Seol to recover a valuable piece. There he discovers that healthy people are still in town, so he must approach his situation in a new way.

The film is directed by Yoon Sang-hoHe is the same director of the first part, who also directed the animated movie “Seoul Station” saga.

Zombie Station 2: Peninsula It lasts for 1 hour and 56 minutes.

Date and time: When will “Zombie Station 2” open in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and the rest of Latin America?

Sequel to Train to Busan It can be seen starting Thursday, April 1 on the Netflix streaming platform.

Delivery will be available on the service at different times depending on the country you are in:

00:00 hours: United States (Pacific)

The time is 01:00 Mexico time

At 02:00 Peruvian time, Colombia

03:00 Venezuela time, United States (Atlantic)

04:00 Argentine time, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay

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07:00 Egypt time: Portugal, United Kingdom

At 08:00 Spain, Italy and France time

Online: Where is “Zombie Station 2” broadcast in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and the rest of Latin America?

“Train to Busan 2: The Peninsula” Will be available And Netflix And you can see it if you have a subscription to the streaming service.

And if you haven’t seen the popular first installment of the saga, this one too It is in the catalog of the same platform.

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